Weeks 7&8


My dad, brother and aunt came for a 10-days holidays and we had the chance to visit Kerala.


Kochi: pretty big city of around 2mio inhabitants. People are everywhere at any time! On the right, Chinese fishing nets, one of the main city attraction, serve as a testimony to the good relations between the ancient Chinese Emperors and the Cochin Kings. These 10-metre high nets fixed land installations require up to six men to operate one fully installed net. On the left, Kerala traditional dances Kathakaliis, where a dancer portrays human emotions and moods through facial expressions and mudras.



Munnar, hill station at 2000m above sea level. Colder temperature welcomed us and made us sleep smoothly at night. Munnar is well known for its tea plantations. We visited the tea factory and museum and walked in cardamom plantations.


Peryiar national park, landscape was gorgeous and rich of biodiversity but unfortunately we were a bit unlucky and did not see many animals.. Peryiar is also famous for its spicy gardens!



Kumarakom, went by boat on the lake and met the fishing men. We celebrated new year’s eve in a pretty Western’ manner, even if at 30 degrees and with traditional music and dances.. so Happy 2017 everyone from India!


Allepy: The backwaters of Kerala are a very famous network of canals and lakes where houseboats can be rented overnight. We found out that for locals the canals are their bathrooms and kitchens, as well as their roads.



Kovalam, final destination in this nice beach for some relax! In the morning, as fisherman comes back, ladies of the market approach them to buy the fishes to sell later at the local market (all the fishes in that net cost 5euros to the ladies!). The boat is disassembled every time in order to dry. Last day trip took us to the golden beach of Kovalam, where ocean and lake meet.


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